"If it could go the way I want it to, how should it go?" 

Questions-Which Apply?


Management Decisions

  • Who takes over as EO, Managing Director?
  • Should there be incentives to Retain Key Employees?
  • Should there be an Interim Board of Directors? Who?
  • How does the company complete Work In Progress?
  • Do you want Severance, Transition Pay for Employees?

Financial Decisions

  • Who assumes or pays the Personal Debt Guarantee?
  • When do you pass on critical Bank Relationships?
  • Who needs Key Person Life Insurance?
  • Who takes Control of Receivables, Payables?
  • Who maintains Patient, Client Files?

Direction of company - Strategic Plan

  • Is it best to Maintain Under Family Management?
  • Is it best to Maintain Under Employee Management?
  • Should the family seek an Outside, Qualified Buyer?
  • Can it be Preserved for Young or Non-involved Children?
  • Is it best to Wind Up Business, Liquidate? When?

Disposition of company ownership

  • Does it pass by Gift to Family Members? Who pays the tax?
  • Should it be Sold to Involved Family Members? Do they have the money?
  • Should it be Sold to a Key Employee Group? Do they have the money?
  • Is a Reciprocal Buyout with a similar company, practitioner appropriate?